• We have over twenty years of experience in the laundry business, and we had ownership of First Laundromat since 2002.

  • We currently serve the following areas: Beltsville, Bowie, Camp Springs, Capital Heights, Clinton, College Park, District Heights, Forestville, Fort Washington, Landover, Largo, Morning Side, Suitland, Temple Hills, Upper Marlboro, and the D.C. Area (but call us if your area is not listed).

  • That depends.  If you want full service (we pick up, wash & fold and deliver to you) you can set up an account with us (it’s free to do so), and can establish a regularly scheduled pickup day.  Otherwise, just give us a call to schedule a pickup.  It’s also a good idea to give us a call if you’re going to be dropping off a large amount of laundry (over 80 pounds) for our Wash & Fold service so we can have enough personnel on hand to process it.

  • No, but you must provide clear instructions indicating where we can find your clothes and drop them off. Most people leave their clothes in their garage, back yard, on the porch etc.  Those who live in an apartment can leave their laundry with a front desk attendant, if they have one. If a code is required to enter your complex or building, you must provide it in order for us to serve you.

  • When you first place your order, you are charged the minimum service charge of $18.20. This ensures that we are compensated for our trip to pick up your laundry, even if you forget the appointment date or fail to set out your clothes.

    When we arrive at your home, we weigh your clothes, deduct the minimum service charge from the total cost of your service, and send you an electronic invoice  (via PayPal) with the balance owed. We will promptly deliver your order on the scheduled date, as long as the balance has been paid in full.


    Total charge: $25.00
    Initial Charge: $18.20
    Balance: $6.80

  • We accept cash, debit cards, or credit cards. We do not accept checks.

  • Yes, we do that for you.

  • Yes, each order is given seventeen minutes for sock matching, which is usually enough time to make sure that all socks are matched.

  • Not yet, but we are planning to offer this service soon. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from placing clothes requiring special care in your bag, as they may be damaged by normal washing.

  • Not yet, but we are planning to offer this service soon as well.

  • Your clothes are dried at 180 degrees.

  • You have your choice of Cheer, Tide, Gain, or Allergy Safe (Environmentally Friendly) detergent.

  • You have your choice of Oxy-clean and Clorox.

  • Unfortunately, we do not provide a spotting service at this time. First Laundromat inspects and pre-treats stained collars on all shirts. If we see additional stains, we will pre-treat them, if we believe it will remove the stains. However, we do not pre-soak or re-wash clothes that have stains.

  • We wash diapers in separate washing machines. These machines are only used for diapers. We also disinfect between every wash, whether a machine has been used for diapers or clothes.

  • Our company’s liability, with respect to any damaged articles, shall not exceed 3 times our charge for processing it. We regret that we cannot guarantee against color loss, shrinkage, color bleed-over, clothes with poorly set dyes, normal wear and tear, preexisting damage, severe soiling, lost socks, mismatches, or clothes that have been mistakenly placed in your bag.

  • We regret that we are unable to reimburse customers for missing items that we cannot verify. Our liability for any verifiable lost articles shall not exceed 3 times our charge for processing it.  However, please contact us if you cannot find an article of clothing, and we will speak to the attendant who processed your order. Additionally, we can check our video security and look through our lost and found.